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Security Company Fife
Powerful Affordable Technology Can Empower Your Retail Business.

By protecting stock, staff and buildings our security solutions are designed to protect and improve your business future.
Bespoke Solutions designed to protect and inform.
From stock loss prevention to detailed business insights, we have a suite of technologies designed not only to protect your business but to provide intelligent business marketing information.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Loss Prevention
We provide innovative solutions that are designed to help you protect your stock and reduce theft.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Customer Insights
Understand your businesses customers with intelligent heatmaps and people counting.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Fire Safety
Improve your businesses fire safety with a professional, approved team of fire safety specialists.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
24/7 Monitoring
We can help you to connect your security to 24/7 monitoring stations for a total protection solution.
"Employee theft is the number one cause of retail shrinkage."
Shoplifting accounts for around 38% of retail loss.
  Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh  
"Retail crime in the UK has risen year-on-year by 6%."
A staggering 700 million pounds in loss each year
"Being seen to be protected is important for prevention."
Visible security is proven to help prevent crime
  Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Solid security solutions
Being seen to be secure is important
Don't make theft easy
Minimise loss. Maximise revenue. Protect your customers, staff and stock with Caledonia Fire and Security.

When protecting retail environments and showrooms it is important to consider all the factors that effect the property and the business owner. Our team works closely with business owners and facilities managers to gain a true understanding of the challenges that are faced in retail, including security concerns as well as fire safety obligations.

Plan ahead. Prevent shrinkage and tackle shoplifting.
As an independent company, we can supply equipment from a number of established, quality manufacturers to ensure that you are provided with technology from reputable names with exceptional support.

Where possible, we can help you to improve your entire business - beyond safety and security, to marketing intelligence and store optimisation with innovative CCTV video analytics tools.

Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Being seen to be secure is important
We protect you against opportunists with visible alarms and CCTV cameras within and around your premises.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
Don't make theft easy...
Working with our team, you can ensure high-end security cameras are fitted to watch over your stick and trigger alarms when needed.
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh
3 reasons to choose Caledonia?
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh We install industry leading equipment
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh Our systems are insurance approved
Intruder Alarms Edinburgh We can connect you to 24/7 monitoring
Unsure? Need advice? Call us today on 01592 655 591
Seamless integration between Electronic Security and Fire Safety

Security Systems
From robust and reliable alarm systems, to innovative CCTV systems. We provide the tools which can benefit business owners and customers alike, helping you to create a safe environment in your store.

We can help you to; reduce theft, safeguard staff, secure your perimeter and more.

Fire safety measures
We understand the fire safety risks faced within shops, stores and showrooms and can work with you to meet your legal obligations.

Whether you are looking for a fire alarm system, extinguishers or require your fire risk assessment to be updated, we can help.

Prevent stock loss & theft
CCTV cameras deter shoplifters and staff from walking out with your stock, making your store less tempting to target. Whilst providing a visual deterrent, security systems also allow you to identify individuals who commit crime.
Marketing intelligence
The latest developments in business marketing intelligence and video analytics will provide you with a platform to track and analyse important customer movements, count customers and develop perimeters for your security system and much more.
For over 30 years Caledonia have been providing excellence within the fire
and security industry
We're accredited to the highest standards.
Security Company in Fife Security Company Fife Security Company Edinburgh Edinburgh Security Company
Security Company Fife
Gold Accredited
Since 1981 we have held accreditation with NSI (NACOSS) and now offer a Gold class service. Our accreditation ensures you can have confidence in our quality installation.
Security Company Fife
Specialists in fire safety systems
We take careful note of the smallest details and choose carefully the right system for your application. Our surveyors are experienced and have a highly trained product knowledge.
Security Company Fife
Security Company Fife
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