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Security Company Fife
We help protect your facilities around-the-clock, so you can focus on your patients
We hold safety and security at the core of our service, offering a robust service for Healthcare
When it comes to protecting a hospital or healthcare facility we apply scalable solutions that don't compromise on quality. We excel at meeting the tight budget and time restraints that the facilities managers often have to work with.

Our team is able to highlight any risks that you are facing with both fire and security. From this we will be able to carefully design a solution that works with the budgets that you have available.

For many healthcare environments one of the main issue faced is access control. Ensuring that only the correct people can access certain areas of the premises is vital, our access control systems are easy-to-use and highly reliable. We can help you setup zones which can be locked down in an emergency.
Access Control Edinburgh
Fire Risk Assessments
Evaluating the fire risk within a healthcare premises can be difficult due to the number of areas and people that could be at risk in the event of a fire. This can also be effected by the layout of the individual premises.

We can help to design a full fire safety plan that begins with a fire risk assessment. We use a five-step fire risk assessment process that, when followed correctly, will ensure each and every nessisary precausions is taken to ensure the safety of a premises.

A fire risk assessment should be a dynamic document that should remain under constant review. This is because each time the layout of the building changes, so do the risks and hazards.
"A person who has comprehensive training or experience in fire risk assessment should assess complex healthcare premises."
Department of Health
  Access Control Edinburgh
× Access Control Edinburgh
The services and systems we can offer you
Access Control Edinburgh
Security systems
Security systems for hospitals must be carefully thought about and planned in order to provide the level of protection that is needed, especially an access control system.

At Caledonia Fire and Security we have a team of specialists that have a great level of knowledge about the systems they install and where they work best.
Access Control Edinburgh Manage and restrict access
Access Control Edinburgh Provide staff with panic buttons
Access Control Edinburgh Watch over the property and parking
Access Control Edinburgh
Fire safety measures
Fire safety must not be overlooked. We can help you understand the risks and hazards with a fire risk assessment. Following this we will be able to specify systems that can be used to combat these risks.

We offer a wide range of fire safety measures that will be perfect for you. Everything from fire alarms to fire extinguishers.
Access Control Edinburgh Reliable fire detection systems
Access Control Edinburgh Protecting staff, patients, visitors and property
Access Control Edinburgh Specialist fire safety solutions
× Access Control Edinburgh
For over 30 years Caledonia have been providing excellence within the fire
and security industry
We're accredited to the highest standards.
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Why Choose Caledonia Fire and Security?
Security Company Fife
Gold Accredited
Since 1981 we have held accreditation with NSI (NACOSS) and now offer a Gold class service. Our accreditation ensures you can have confidence in our quality installation.
Security Company Fife
Specialists in fire safety systems
We take careful note of the smallest details and choose carefully the right system for your application. Our surveyors are experienced and have a highly trained product knowledge.
Security Company Fife
Security Company Fife
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